One space, two functions, one table.
Switch is a tabe created to solve new frequently contemporary living situation, as a single space (living ) used for the activities of living / study / work or for lunch / dinner ( dining ).
Often you have to remove all the items placed on the table (magazines , laptops , cell phones, etc. ) to provide space for plates, cutlery, glasses, bottles , etc.
With its double surface Switch allows you to move from living to dining situation without use additional table or support surface.
Become useful even when you are using a book / magazine or a laptop and you want to take a break coffee or tea without the fear of spilling liquids on the objects that will be temporarily stored on the desk below.
Just as people who wear their cell phones on the table during dinner / lunch can place them belove protected from spills of food and not keep them on the top floor.
Versatile for both activities ( living and dining ) considered individually, because it guarantees for each one more using support surfaces.
The top is made of shaped corian sheets.
The plate support ring and profiles of the legs are made of iron with the possibility of different finishes : lacquered light gray, white lacquered, natural colored transparent lacquer finish.
The circular metal plates that make up the shelves on the ground are lacquered iron gray dust.


Diameter = 43,4 in
Height 1st plane = 29,9 in
Height 2nd plane = 26 in

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