B is a bench for outdoor and indoor use.
The bench has internal steel structure. The outside is made entirely of Corian (by Dupont Corian).
Corian is a highly resistant material, suitable for outdoor use (great resistance to weather, loads, shock, does not fade and is easy to clean) and with minimal maintenance requirements.
It ‘available in various colors and it is possible to realize any design pattern or adversiting logo directly on the material.
Ergonomics and dimensions of the seat have been designed to makes possible the enjoyment of sitting in different positions of the body including layng.
The outdoor version includes an integrated photovoltaic system (as the one in Wi-Bench) which consists of photovoltaic panel, inverter, batteries and electrical outlet.
This system provides a small service charger for batteries of the most common laptops, mobile phones and other devices.


Height = 18,5 in
Length = 100 in
Width = 28,5 in

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